BrillOven Gleam Starts Here…

We are BrillOven Gleam, a husband and wife team offering a professional oven cleaning service in the Hampshire area with a desire and purpose to revive your kitchen centrepiece.

What brought us to this moment?

We have always enjoyed helping people and bringing happiness and contentment to people’s lives. In 2016, we had to return to the British Isles from living abroad in South East Asia for nearly 10 years.

Upon our return, we wanted to keep the “help others” ethos in our lives. For the past 3 years we have enjoyed focusing on doing the jobs around the house and garden which our customers either couldn’t do for physical reasons, or simply “didn’t fancy doing”.

That’s great, those are the kind of jobs we love doing, and restoring a kitchen centrepiece to it’s original glory brings both happiness and contentment to me and more importantly to you, the happy customer.

Our USP is providing a cleaning service without polluting your home, and affecting your family with toxic fumes or toxic chemicals. This is vitally important to us, and we have found this to be a critical need of our customers.

This gives you the freedom to use your oven immediately upon completion, and allows you to carry on with your day whilst we clean with minimal interruptions to you and your family.

On each and every job we will use a specialised all purposed dip-tank (kept outside the home) where all removable parts will be soaked and cleaned in hot water and with chemical free materials.

In the home we will only use non chemical materials ( Degreaser, Fairy Liquid, Cream Cleaner and a Glass Cleaner) and quality tools thus leaving you with confidence and peace of mind.

It is our mission to provide you a professional, non-toxic experience restoring your kitchen centrepiece to a “good as new” condition and leave it with an impressionable GLEAM.

Have a look at the photos and reviews to see for yourself what we can bring to your home.