Time Is Money

How To Make Money Time With An Oven Clean?

Time Is Money!

Benjamin Franklin – 1748

This phrase was coined over 200 years ago but in no way has lost importance in the life of a modern day man or woman.

If anything, with the amount of time constraints we have in our distraction filled world those sentiments of Benjamin Franklin have even more value.

Everybody is looking for more time, quality time to do the things they love. Therefore, we look to see how we can replace the time spent doing work, chores, errands and duties.

Why? Because we’d rather be maximising this pocket of time with activities such as travel, entertainment, socialising and solitude.

We (My wife & I) at BrillOven Gleam want to give you more time to maximise by carrying out on your behalf the least liked, even hated periodic of house chore.


Thus, we enter into a small but necessary contract. As a result, we give you your time for a small transaction of cash.

It is a small contract and good value transaction which brings you big benefits.

What 10 Activities Can or Should You Do During An Oven Clean?

Yes, whilst we revive your oven to become a “gleaming” centrepiece of your fabulous kitchen what could you do?

Ordinarily, to properly handle, dismantle, clean and revive your oven can take between 90 minutes to 3 hours. All depends on the size and the condition.

No Oven Too Big, No Job Too Difficult

BrillOven Gleam – 2020

Meeting somewhere in the middle we are talking about 2 hours (or 120 minutes) of your busy day being saved and ready to be maximised.

Time Is Money – Entertainment & Travel

  1. Stream A Movie! – With most households subscribing to Apple TV, Netflix, NOW TV, or Prime Video there must be a film you have been dying to watch, but never the time. You do now!
  2. Watch A Sporting Event! (or Highlights) – A Premier League football match is 90 minutes. 105 minutes with half time. We give you 2 celebrations in 1 day. Your local team winning against your bitter rival, and a sparkling clean oven.
  3. Book Your Holiday! – With the internet at your finger tips you can book your flights, hotel and rental car without leaving the settee. By the time I’m closing the door on your gleaming oven you’ll be dreaming of sun, sand and sangria.

If you want to see some of the gleaming results we’ve obtained over the past year then have a look at these before and after pictures.

Time is Money – Hobbies & Must Do’s

  1. DIY – Not all work around the home is as loathed as much as cleaning the oven. Homeowners love to get their hands busy with some personal DIY. What are you waiting for? Book us now and free up some time to do the jobs you love.
  2. Gardening – Spring is just around the corner and it’s a time filled with those small gardening jobs necessary to have a load of blooming colour for the summer. Hence, imagaine how much you could achieve with those 2 hours of time freed up?
  3. Work – Someone has to bring in the money. Your very own money time! That’s right, with our caustic free and family friendly oven clean you don’t have to worry. Thus, we get to work on the oven leaving you with peace of mind to fully focus on your own little empire!

How have others felt after our visits? Have a read, and a listen to some of the ‘gleaming’ testimonials left by our happy customers.

Time is Money – Time To Chill!

  1. Jog or Walk – Some of our customers live in the beautiful parts of Hampshire. Especially those living in the New Forest or have the South Downs on their doorstep. Use the time saved to get out and experience the beautiful creation that surrounds you.
  2. Audiobook – Maybe you’ve been meaning to give the free trial at Audible, Blinkist or Google a try but feel guilty sitting down and loosing yourself in a book. Book us in for an oven clean and have a “guilt free” dive into your favourite classic.
  3. Musical Instrument – Playing a musical instrument with a head full of jobs you must or should be doing is counter intuitive. Tick one of those jobs off ‘clean the oven’ by giving it to us and then jam to your hearts content.

Time Is Money – Have we convinced you?

There are so many worthwhile things you could be spending your time doing whilst we are reviving your kitchen centrepiece. If you would like to experience a “BrillOven Gleam” for yourself then contact us here or via our Facebook Page.

I almost forgot. There is ONE other thing you can do, but you’ll have to wait until after we’ve finished.

  1. Bake a Cake – You knew we were coming but you couldn’t bake a cake. You can now, in your ‘gleamingly clean’ oven!

Take Care! and remember: If you want your oven clean, call BrillOven Gleam!

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